We’re in Day 1 of the Dallas County COVID-19 shut down. There are a lot of people who are frightened, panicked even. Some of the grocery store aisles are bare. People are freaking out on social media. I get it. It’s scary when you don’t know what’s going on. It almost feels as if there’s some invisible force of some unknown origin secretly hunting you down. It’s killing people and they’ve given it a mysterious name, COVID-19. It’s like a new serial killer has been announced.

The main thing that I can remember about serial killer coverage in the news is the commonality of the victims. The focus on who the killer was targeting created a panic, and rightfully so, for some of the people who fit that description. They were a little more cautious in their day-to-day activities, even avoiding certain situations to minimize the risk of becoming a victim. This behavior continued until either enough time passed, more information was released, or the killer was caught. Either way, they finally felt safe again.

This killer, COVID-19, was originally thought to only be hunting the elderly and the sick. Then there were rumors floating around and information released indicating that even healthy people weren’t safe from this nefarious entity. There’s so much data coming at us from so many sources. To me, it feels like there’s still an imbalance between the amount of real data versus misinformation floating about. We’re all processing the information and responding in, presumably, the best way that we can.

Some people are going on as if it’s nothing more than the common cold and some people are scared shitless—which may not be a bad thing since there’s no toilet paper in the stores. Some people are buying up ALL the supplies, so their family is fine in the impending Great Depression Reboot. Some people don’t know how they’re going to survive right now, and others don’t know how they’re going to recover what they’re losing or have lost.

You may be thinking right now, “Symphony? What the hecky, Becky? This is the saddest symphony played by the word’s worst orchestra.” So, let me explain. There’s a song called, Symphony by Switch featuring Dillon Chase. As I was sorting through all the COVID-19 information that was coming at me and participating in my one millionth conversation about this pandemic, this song came to mind. It has offered me comfort through a lot of the craziness in my life this year but never seemed more apropos than during this time. I started singing the chorus on repeat.

Photo by Kael Bloom on Unsplash

” ‘Cause even in the madness
There is peace
Drowning out the voices all around me
Through all of this chaos
You are writing a symphony”

Through all this COVID-19 chaos, what I find most fascinating is the sheer amount of love and support I’ve seen through some social channels. It is encouraging to see neighbors reach out to each other with an offer to help. I’ve seen teachers offer their services to parents who must work and need childcare or tutoring. My friend was telling me about a viral (no pun intended) video of neighbors singing to each other in Italy during the lockdown. I experienced firsthand the kindness of a stranger in the grocery store during this pandemic. There are individuals and groups all over the world praying for each other. It’s not every man for himself. It’s neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend, family helping family. It’s a beautiful symphony played by an orchestra comprised of people all over the world.

At such moments I don’t think about all the misery, but about the beauty that still remains.

Anne Frank

I don’t expect everyone to take comfort in these song lyrics in the same way I have. I understand that it requires a faith in a God that not everyone believes in. I also understand it will inevitably raise the question, “Why would your God allow this to happen?” And all of that’s ok. I have questions too. Not that one, but questions for sure. All I know for certain is that this song gives me hope and it may help someone else. And that person, may be able to help someone else. Pay it forward and all that jazz.

Regardless of beliefs, nationality, gender, race, or any other such unimportant classification, my hope is that the trend of unity and solidarity increases. Also, a little selfishly, I hope that people/establishments will maintain a “COVID-19” level of cleanliness and awareness all the time as this will help prevent the spread of many diseases targeting the same individuals. It just seems like it makes sense. *she steps down from her soapbox*

We’re all going through this so we might as well band together and play our part in this Symphony.


3 thoughts on “Symphony

  1. You actually put into words what I have been thinking about what is going on in this world right now. I LOVE IT!!!


  2. This is only confirmation of your brilliant eloquently spoken words that you have possessed all of my 44 yrs that I have been fortunate enough to call you FAMILY! I LOVE YOU!


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